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Hallowed (Unearthly Series #2)

Hallowed (Unearthly Series #2) - 3.5 StarsI just finished, and perhaps I should wait to write this review, but I can't. This was one of the few sequels I was actually excited to read. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, because I loved Unearthly so much. I was looking forward to more of Clara and Tucker, and how cute they are together. And trust me, there's a little of that, but not as much as I would have liked. To be honest, I found myself swooning and falling for the wrong boy this time around.Yep. You read that right. Christian made me swoon. And I fell in love with his character in Hallowed more than I thought was even possible. He was an amazing friend to Clara, but it was more than that. Hand really pushed the connection these two share at readers and his character really spends a lot of time in the spotlight. (Along with a few others... llke Clara's mother, and someone else who I think you'll be surprised to meet.)But as much as I liked it in the moment, now I'm just disappointed. Because for all the time I spent falling in love with Tucker Avery in Unearthly, he wasn't as central to this book as I wanted him to be. I now kind of feel like he was just a placeholder boyfriend for Clara. Like everything that developed in the first book was completely erased by this one. The way everything played out was just... I don't know. It doesn't sit well with me (at least not right now, anyway). I wanted more. I wanted him to fight. I wanted him to go to Stanford, damnit. I didn't want him to just give up.Of course, none of that will make sense until you've actually read the book. Maybe I'm too focused on the romance, but it's hard not to be when it was such a central piece of the original novel. I'm looking forward to the next one, only because I'm hoping that Hand will make it right and that Clara uses that free will she's lucky to have and chooses the boy she actually wants, not the one who God says she should be with.Full review:

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