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The Lucy Variations

The Lucy Variations - Sara Zarr Perhaps I'm not the proper audience for this book, but, being who I am...I can say that it didn't sit well with me. Not only because Lucy had an unhealthy obsession with older men, but because of Will's unhealthy attraction to a teenage girl. The relationship dynamic between these two turned my stomach, and the reason I kept reading because I wanted to see just how far the author would take things. And now that I've finished, I'm still not sure if it was intended for them to appear as more than friends--or for Will to come off as a pedophile--but that's certainly how I interpreted it. And that's just...not okay with me. Who knows, maybe I was looking for things that weren't there, and it was completely innocent between them, but like I said, that's not at all how it reads. And that's sad, because this could have been a lovely book. Zarr's writing is nice, and the subject--a girl coming of age and finding out what she wants--could have been really, really good. Sadly, I never connected with Lucy as a character, therefore nothing that happened (besides her weird relationships with older dudes) affected me. I was just...meh about it overall.

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