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Sever (Chemical Garden Trilogy)

Sever - Lauren DeStefano For once, I don't have anything ranty to say! Okay, perhaps a little. But, I overall I really love how Lauren wrapped this series up. Another bravo to an author who does it right!I was, however, frustrated during the first half of this book because I wanted to know why Lauren would insist on making me fall in love with Linden when I wanted so badly to dislike him as I did for most of the other two books. Then it all made was all part of Lauren's evil plan to MAKE ME CRY ALL THE TEARS.The last half though, despite the crying of said tears, was pretty great. I love how this all came together and how those who deserved it got their happy endings...mostly. There were secrets revealed, answers given and a clear future that all made sense.In addition to my not-hating-Linden, Rhine didn't annoy me nearly as much in this book as she has previously, though she did still make me mad because of 1) her indecision regarding Linden and 2) her compliance with Vaughn's behavior. I understand her reasoning for it, but I still wanted to shake her for being so obedient and wishy-washy.The one person who I really thought had the most development in her character was Cecily this time around. She grew up so much from the whiny, bratty girl of Wither, and with everything she went through in this book, she came out on the other side looking like a total bad-ass.I also loved the new character we got to meet: Reed. He was sweet and kind of eccentric and just all around lovable. And Rowan. Yes, twin brother Rowan! I wouldn't mind reading a novella from his point of view during the time they were separated. HINT HINT LAUREN. I also adored the return of some familiar characters like Gabriel, Jared, Lilac and even Madame! ;)So to stop myself from giving away anything else, I'll say if you're looking for a completed series with some ups and downs that will leave you satisfied in the end, give this one a shot. I think you'll like it.

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