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The Siren

The Siren - Tiffany Reisz THIS BOOK.A few friends were reading, so I checked out the summary and I thought 'hey, writer/editor smut? OKAY!' but that's so not what I got. Not at all. It was so, so much more than that. And I have to admit, at first, I wasn't sure I'd be able to finish this book. Sadism and things like that aren't my thing, so I have trouble understanding the draw or the need. But after reading this, I understand it a whole lot more. And now that I've finished, I'm so very glad I stuck with it. What a beautiful, heartbreaking and amazing story this was. Tiffany took me through all the feelings, and once I got into it, I did not want to put it down.And now that it’s over, I’m wishing it was September right now, because I’d like to read more from these characters.

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