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Dark Parties

Dark Parties - Sara Grant Dark Parties follows the life of Neva Adams. Newly graduated and now sixteen years old, she’s considered an adult in the eyes of the government. They want her to procreate – generate more life for the good of the Protectosphere.That’s right — they essentially live in a bubble, and according to the government, there’s nothing beyond the walls they see each day.But Neva and her friends are wholly against their plans, and don’t believe the lies they’re being told. They’ve decided it’s time to rebel against everything and find out the truth! Their decision sets off a series of events that brings Neva to work with her father: George Adams, the Minister of Ancient History.Neva sees this as an opportunity to gain more information for her and her rebellious friends, but it doesn’t exactly go as she hopes. And suddenly, she’s on the run… from everyone. The Government, her father, her best friend, her clingy boyfriend who wants to get married and have babies, and biggest of all: her best friend’s boyfriend who she shares a strong and undeniable connection with.Written entirely in first person, present, some parts of the book were a bit stiff. The sentences seemed short and stacked and very robotic in a way. It takes a great writer to pull off present tense and make it flow. Too much I am and We are instead of I’m and We’re can irk some people. Or maybe I’m just too picky, who knows.Though I found it hard to connect with Neva until the very end, overall, I really did enjoy the story. It kept me guessing and trying to figure everything out up until the very end. Which lately has been where books completely lose me because of cliffhangers, I’m glad to say that Grant didn’t choose that route like some other novelists have. I think fans of Lauren Oliver’s Delirium (who weren’t big fans of all the lovey-dovey, and who hated the end) will definitely be fans of Sara Grant’s debut Dark Parties!Full review:

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