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Between Here and Forever

Between Here and Forever - Elizabeth Scott I really wish I could give this 3 1/2 stars. This protagonist really got to me. I was annoyed with her and angry with her, but mostly, I just felt sorry for her. She's spent so long living in this shadow of her sister, who's now gone, that she has no idea who she is or how to even be herself. She doesn't think anyone can or will care about her because she's Abby, the girl and not Abby, Tess' sister. It's really sad to think that a girl can let herself get this deep into insecurity, but I know it happens. I just don't like it. I'm glad she had Eli, who had his own problems and insecurities too, but together they made a good pair and I sort of wish there'd been more of them together after she figures out what she wants and who her sister really was instead of just the ending like everything was tied up in a neat little box when it really wasn't and it might never be. One of the reasons I couldn't give this a higher star rating was the writing style of Scott. I've written in present tense before and it's not easy. I've also read some present tense that's robotic and clunky, but I've also read some that's beautiful and flows perfectly. This was somewhere in the middle. A lot of the actions described and the way it was written felt really odd and detracted a little bit from the story for me. A few words here and there could have fixed that, but it seemed like she was trying to use the least amount of words as possible.Overall, the book was good, there were just certain aspects I wish had been different. Even though Abby was the main character, everything was about Tess.

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