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XVI - Julia Karr I have to say this book really got under my skin. The future Julia Karr created is definitely a scary one for women, and most especially, for young girls. I liked the story itself, but in the end I was disappointed that Nina didn't accomplish the biggest goal she had: finding her father and fulfilling her mother's dying wish. I'm not sure if this was left open purposely so there would be material for a sequel or not, but it felt like she focused so much on the task during the book and it ended without it. I also would have liked to see some victory for the NonCon's and for Nina to be accepted into that way of life with her father and sister so they could all go forward to battle against FeLS and the GC. Hopefully Karr does decide to do a book two, because I would like to see Nina and Sal become the next generation of the resistance and kick some government butt. ;)

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