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Unravel Me

Unravel Me - Tahereh could probably write the phonebook and I'd be happy with her poetic spin on the words she puts on the page. They're gorgeous. Unravel Me is no different than it's predecessor in that respect. The prose is beautiful.As you probably remember, Juliette's escaped. She shot Warner. Saved Adam. And now...she, Adam and Kenji are at Omega Point. A top secret underground lair of superheroes genetically altered humans with abilities. How cool is that? Castle, the leader at OP, encourages Juliette to learn how to control what she can do, but she's having trouble with that. She's too wrapped up in her own mind, and instead of embracing her newfound freedom or getting to know the people she's living with now, she refuses to interact with anyone but Adam.Until she finds out he's been keeping secrets and nearly rips the place apart.It's no secret that people assumed Adam has one of those new fangled superhero powers. Just so happens he does. Guess what it is? He can turn other peoples' powers off. Disarm them completely. Which is exactly why he could touch Juliette. The only problem with that touching her is wearing him out. Leaving him drained. She physically hurts him when they're together because he has to work so hard to turn down her energy.And he didn't tell her that. Which pissed me off.But what made me even angrier was that because of it, she broke up with him.The same reason someone keeps secrets for the sake of another person--to protect them--is the same reason someone breaks up with someone to protect them.To protect themselves.I don't like secret keeping or keeping feelings to yourselves. I just wanted to shout at both of them: TALK TO EACH OTHER, DAMNIT! They frustrated me so, so much. And they hurt my heart. Because while they're technically broken up, they still have to work together because they're at war and they have no other choice but to be side-by-side. Especially after four other residents of Omega Point are kidnapped by Reestablishment soldiers and Juliette is the one they want in exchange for their safe return.She volunteers to go. And with Kenji's ability to make her, and others, invisible well... it appears she's alone.When she enters the house where the designated meeting will take place, she comes face-to-face with Warner's father. The Supreme Commander. What a piece of work that dude is!And then Warner shows up...Now let me just say...I wanted to hate him. He's a monster. He's never made any claims to the contrary. But his actions? Gah. My opinion of him did a complete one-eighty. He's never cared about anything or anyone, but I damn sure believed he cares about Juliette. That her arrival in his life changed him, woke him up and showed the true, broken boy beneath all the perfect clothes and perfect hair and regimented, cold behavior.Because his father is a monster. A complete and total monster.Warner’s gaze is locked on mine.He’s looking at me, eyes raw with emotion and I’m not sure I even know him anymore. I’m not sure I understand him, I’m not sure I know what he’s going to do when he lifts the gun with a strong, steady hand and points it directly at my face.“Hurry up,” Anderson says. “The sooner you do this, the sooner you can move on now get this over with—”But Warner cocks his head. Turns around.Points the gun at his father.Warner is a product of his environment. He’s never known love or friendship or compassion, because he wasn’t raised in a home like that. He never realized he was even capable of it until Juliette came into his life. Now, is it cliché to say love can change someone? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be true…What happens next is…I was fistpumping like a motherfucker. Juliette can be a badass when she’s not too busy keeping her thoughts confined and throwing epic pity parties. She finds that strength inside her and puts Anderson on his back.And then she shoots him in the knee. Then, she shoots him again in the other knee. Right when she decides he needs to die, and has the gun aimed at his heart…Kenji shows up to stop her. Adam’s there too…AND THEN.THEN.My mind is still blown by what's revealed. Still. Not at all what I expected.Adam and Kenji decide Warner would be a good bargaining chip in negotiating the return of the two remaining hostages that are still missing, so they bring him back underground.It’s Juliette that Castle assigns the task of interrogating him to.Guess who has her missing notebook? Guess who’s memorized it?Yup. I can’t help it. I swooned. I climbed up on the fence between Team Adam and Team Warner, and I’m still wavering on top because there’s still so much story left to be told…and I honestly just do not know where anything will end up.The end, the war…the everything. There’s just too much. This review would go on forever and ever if I typed out all my thoughts. So I’ll close this off by saying that I did not love the beginning. I did not love Juliette’s closed-mouthness, or Adam’s secret keeping. But I did enjoy Kenji’s funny personality and Warner’s gorgeous, swoony words and James’ adorableness and the twins’ sweetness and the story itself.I’m very anxious to see how Tahereh closes this trilogy out and who, in the end, comes out the victor. And by that, I don’t mean Adam or Warner. I mean the world and The Reestablishment.Full review:

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