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Plus One

Plus One - Brighton Walsh I told Brighton this the first time I read Plus One, and it still remains true after re-reading it again: this is my favorite thing she's ever written. This little novella is short, sweet, hot and will leave you wanting more when you get to the last page.Olivia and Ian have known each other for years. She's best friends with his sister, and the three of them have been as close as people can get--as friends. Olivia's been on a never-ending string of bad dates, and with wedding season approaching, Ian goes out on a limb and offers to be her plus one for the duration. To save her from having to date anymore men who just don't make the cut. What starts out as two friends attending a few weddings together quickly turns into more when feelings from the past start creeping back up. Olivia is seeing Ian in a whole new light, and Ian, well...he's always been in love with her. So when these two come together, it's...sigh. That's the best way I can describe it! It's wonderful and as with all of Brighton's work: just the right amount of sweet and sexy.I thought Olivia was the perfect female lead. She was smart, confident and not afraid to take what she wanted. And Ian--oh, Ian--he was sexy, sweet and totally book-boyfriend material. I would read about these two over and over again. Trust me when I say you do not want to pass this one over. You want to buy it right now and read it immediately.Full review:

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