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Take What You Want

Take What You Want - Jeanette Grey 3.5 StarsHave you ever wanted to forget your life for one day and just…be somebody else? Come on, who hasn’t? That’s exactly what Ellen Price sets out to do. Her friends are off on an extravagant vacation she can’t afford, and instead of wallowing in self-pity, she’s decided to be somebody else. To take what she wants. In the form of that hot guy sitting at the bar… What begins as one steamy night quickly turns into a week full of panty-melting romance and seduction with her new stranger, Josh.But what Ellen doesn’t know is that Josh has a secret, too. He’s not nearly as oblivious to the secret she’s keeping as he’s led her to believe. Why? Because he’s been pining after her since their freshman year in college. So when Ellen approaches him in the bar, he decides it’s time to take what he wants, too.Told in alternate points of view, we get to see inside both of these characters’ heads. And I loved them both. Josh was sweet and adorable—and hello, he rides a Harley—and Ellen was shy and cute. But when they got into the bedroom? MY GOODNESS. Jeanette Grey didn’t disappoint at all with her ability to create a great story and some hot, steamy scenes that will leave you breathing a little heavy and wishing there was more! Full review:

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