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True - Erin McCarthy If you saw my flails on twitter last night, you already know I kind of loved this book. Even with the drama, and the fact that Rory's shitty friends paid a guy to have sex with her, I still liked it. My heart was all tied up in knots, in all the best ways. For some reason I really connected with these characters and I was pulling for them both.Rory's a twenty year old college student who's never had a boyfriend and is awkward personified. She doesn't identify with anything that's not logical. And any other time, I probably would have been annoyed with her insecurity, but this time around I wasn't. I understood her and I felt for her.And Tyler... OH TYLER. I really loved him. Really, really. A twenty-two year old guy who's trying to take care of his two younger brothers while dealing with college, and a mother that's addicted to drugs. He had my heart. Seriously.Hot: There was a cigarette in his mouth, and he was lifting the car lighter up to it, his hand guiding it to his destination without thought. As he sucked on it to catch the paper and tobacco on fire, his eyes never left mine.Pierced:For real? This was the guy Jessica had described as so hard-core? Who worked out with weights and came from a bad part of town and had his penis pierced? He wanted to get me a clean shirt.Swoony:“I guess we should have turned the light off before we got into bed,” I said. “Then how would I see how beautiful you are?”And did I mention hot?“Get on top,” he demanded after a few minutes inside me. “Ride me.”I will admit I wasn't a fan of the Tyler/Jessica aspect (because...ew), nor was I happy with the martyr breakup, but that's not surprising, I'm never a fan of that. Boys should just let girls make their own choices instead of trying to be the protector all the time. We're always right anyway, you should just listen to us the first time and save yourselves all that regret.I also felt the end was a little rushed. I wanted more of these two together after the reconciliation. Looking forward to more in this series, especially since it's Riley. I can't wait to get to know the older brother.

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