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Painted Faces

Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway I'll admit when I saw the premise for this book, I was skeptical, but my interest was far too piqued by the rave reviews. I had to see what the fuss was all about, and let me say this, I was almost instantly drawn into this story. I know what you're probably thinking: a dude who dresses in drag? Nope. Not for me. But it really is a powerful tale about loss and it's affect on us. It's a story about love and heartache and finding someone who will accept you for you, no matter what. Plus, there's just something undeniably sexy about a man who's secure enough in his own sexuality to do what this man does.In the end, I'm glad I took the time to read this, because there were many elements I enjoyed. The unique storyline for one, and Nicholas' character for another. He was sweet and dirty and yeah, he made the book worth reading. While I enjoyed Freda during their banter, being inside her head the entire book kind of worked my nerves a little. I wanted more of him.All in all, this was a solid three star book that probably would have been a higher rating for me had there been some more editing done.

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