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Wilde Nights in Paradise (A Wilde Security Novel) (Entangled Brazen)

Wilde Nights in Paradise - Tonya Burrows Burrows brings second chances to the table in her first Brazen title, Wilde Nights in Paradise, by reuniting two people who fell in love once, and have carried a torch for each other ever since. Jude Wilde, bad boy ex-marine, is trying to adjust to life outside the military. He and his brothers are working as private security officers, and it just so happens their latest client has old ties to Jude. She’s the girl he left eight years ago—Elizabeth Pruitt.And her father’s convinced Jude is the only one who can keep Libby safe from her stalker… “Find someone else,” he told Pruitt softly and shook his head. “This plan? With me? Won’t work.”“Yes, it will. I know the feelings you had for her, Wilde.”“Had. It was eight years ago, sir. People change.”“Not you.” Pruitt jabbed a finger into his shoulder to enunciate each word. “Not about this.”Reluctantly, Jude agrees. Because he’s already seen Libby hurt once—by his own actions—and he doesn’t want to be responsible for her getting hurt again. Of course Libby’s less than thrilled with her fathers’ decision to bring Jude back into her life. Especially as her pretend boyfriend slash bodyguard, but as the threats on her life become less tame and more dangerous, she has no choice but to accept his protection.When these two end up in a faraway paradise, all alone, old feelings come back to the surface and these two are forced to face the past and what their future could be.I’m a huge fan of stories where lovers reunite after a long separation, especially if it’s angsty. I know, I’m a total masochist when it comes to books. I can’t help it! The pain is worth it though, when I get my happy ending, and this one definitely gave me what I wanted. But the end was a little…abrupt for me. I like my boxes wrapped, with bows and curly ribbon on them, and when I don’t get that, sometimes I’m left feeling a little unfulfilled. That’s kind of how this book left me feeling near the end, but everything up to that point was pretty enjoyable, if you catch my drift. ;) So go out and get a copy and give Jude and Libby’s story a shot!Full review:

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