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September Girls

September Girls - Bennett Madison I gave this book the old college try, I really did. I stuck it out for more than half, and it never grabbed my interest. Tragic, right? Because that cover is beautiful. I wanted this book to be the same way, and sadly, I did not enjoy it at all. It felt slow and strange and just...odd.Not only that, but Sam's voice didn't feel genuine, to the point that for me, his character didn't feel real. Also, the "love" story between he and DeeDee seemed to come out of nowhere and have no basis at all for its beginning or its continuation. It wasn't just that though. Too many things like this happened that seemed unbelievably unbelievable. For one, if your mother has been missing for months and you call her, and she answers, do you not tell someone about that? Is that not important to your dad or your brother who are both not sure if she's safe or even alive? And, if your brother's "girlfriend" basically attempts to rape you by climbing into your bed naked, don't you think that's something you should tell someone?I don't know, maybe I needed to stick it out until the end for all of the weird things to make sense, but I honestly didn't have the motivation. I was bored and when I have to force myself to finish a book, there's a pretty good chance I'm not going to like it any more than I already do just because I made myself read the whole thing.

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