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In the Arms of Stone Angels

In the Arms of Stone Angels - Jordan Dane I really liked this book a lot. Dane tells a great story and had amazing characters to back that up. Brenna was easy to identify with, even if she's just a teenager, I saw a lot of myself in her. After I got into the book, I really expected it to turn out how I figured it would but it threw me for quite a few loops and in the end, I was surprised to find out what was actually going on. My only complaint is that there was a lack of editing on the book itself, there were so many sentences that started with the word "And" that it became a hindrance for me to enjoy reading it. In order to finish, I had to train myself to just ignore the word and read the sentences as they should have been rather than how they were written. Other than that, I loved it. It had a great beginning, middle and end and I definitely enjoyed it.

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