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Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger - Christina Lauren I totally offered up my boobs for a chance to read this early. I mean, come on...curiosity killed the cat. And these girls killed me.Now... I won't go into the whole fanfiction blah blah crap again, because really, the first book might have come from it, but this one isn't fanfiction sweeties. So, let's talk about the book instead, okay? Let's talk about Sara and Max and the yumminess these two brought to my life.I said this to Lo and C in my e-mail after finishing, but I'm pretty sure they wrote this just for me. (Sorry girls, I'm totally sticking with that). But seriously. It had all my favorite things. A great, (mostly) non-whiny female lead, a hot male lead who had my heart clenched and my panties...okay I won't go there. It also had a lot of one of my own personal delights: exhibitionism. I won't go into the details, since it's still early and I'm not about to spoil the surprises, but oh, they're good. So good. These girls prove (once again) that their ability to write a smoking hot romance is still alive and kicking. In fact, as soon as I reached the last page, I had to stop myself from going back to the beginning to read it all over again.And don't listen to tonya because Max is totally mine. ;)

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