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Starcrossed - Posted on The Fictionators:’ll be the first chick to admit that Greek mythology really isn’t my thing. At least… it wasn’t. It was never something I chose to study/read about… but my horizons have officially been broadened after reading this.So… never say never, right? Which leads me to one of my favorite quotes from the book: “The gods love to toy with people who use absolutes.”That said, I initially went into the book a little nervous about the fact that I don’t really know anything about mythology, but in the end, I think that helped me enjoy the story. I wasn’t looking for holes in the plot or trying to match up who was who and what was what, I was riding the wave as it was meant to be ridden from the first page to the last.And it was a killer wave.The book sucked me in and squeezed my heart and even brought tears to my eyes in some places. These characters are put through the ringer from pretty much beginning to end. I found myself trying to slow down, to pace myself, because I didn’t want it to end. I just wanted to keep reading.So why did I like it? Let me tell you. As the summary up above says, the main character Helen (Lennie) has always considered herself to be a little different. She’s done her best to blend into the background, hoping nobody else will notice the strange things she sees in herself.It’s not until the Delos family moves to town that Helen begins to realize that what she always thought made her a freak is actually what makes her a total bad-ass. As the book progresses, you get to see her come into herself and own that inner strength. Slowly, she gains confidence in, and ultimately embraces the power she has within her. It’s truly empowering to read.And in the midst of her self-discovery about the power she’s had since birth, she’s also learning things about her fate… and that includes love.Which brings me to Lucas. Oh, sweet sweet swoony freakin’ Lucas. It’s true what they say: boys in books are just better. This boy? Definitely stole my heart. He had me saying “Edward who?” after only a few chapters. Really, who could resist a tall, blue-eyed, handsome, witty descendent of a Greek god? Certainly not me. He’s been officially inducted into my top-five until further notice.But it’s not just her relationship with Lucas that’s powerful. I loved pretty much every relationship in this book, including her oddball father who treats her more like a best friend. Her absolutely hilarious best friend Claire. Not to mention Lucas’s cousins, aunts and parents (And I’m talking uberhot cousins Hector and Jason) who treat Lennie just like one of the family after they realize how special she is to Luke.As far as I’m concerned the story was fantastic, the writing was excellent and I’m already on the edge of my seat waiting for the release of the sequel, Dreamless! I think you will be too!

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