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Die for Me

Die for Me - I know I know, I said no more unreleased books, but this one’s only a week away!I’m not gonna lie, the cover alone drew me to this book. We talked about this last week, right? I have a thing for pretty covers. I rarely read summaries, I like to be surprised. In the case of Die For Me, I ran across one of those blog widgets and then went to Goodreads to look up the book and add it to my TBR. Then, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I’d had the book available to me thanks to the folks over at Harper Collins via netGalley.I quickly found that it’s much more than just a pretty cover, though. It’s about life and death, and love, but most of all, I think it’s about sacrifice.To give you an idea of what’s going on, after the death of her parents Kate and her sister Georgia move to France to live with their grandparents. Kate’s grief is so strong and painful, it’ll make your heart hurt for her. She seems to have forgotten that she isn’t the one who died. She becomes disconnected from her life – from her friends back home, and it seems like nothing can bring her out of it. That is, until her sister Georgia reminds her that their parents would have wanted her to live.Slowly, Kate begins going out again, visiting the Seine and various galleries and museums. She even adopts one of the local café’s as her ‘spot.’ It’s there that she sees Vincent for the first time, surrounded by two other guys. Of course it’s the mysterious one with the dark hair and sea blue eyes that draws her in. He drew me in, too. Come on? We all love St. Clair, don’t we? Who can resist an accent? Especially a French one.But of course this boy isn’t a boy at all… at least not in the way we might think. Vampire? Nope. Werewolf? Nuh uh. Angel? Not really. He’s a Revenant. And I loved Amy’s creativity behind what Vincent is. The idea behind the Revenants and their sort of supernatural background was intriguing, and though they joke about being “zombies,” I never really saw them that way. I think if I would have, it might have turned me off. I still have nightmares about some movie I saw when I was a kid where they ate brains. My brother was a masochist. So I was really glad all mentions of that were in a joking manner, hah.I loved the relationships in the book between Kate and her sister and their grandparents. Between Vincent and those he calls family, how they protect one another. They all felt dimensional and easy to like. Especially Jules. I want to put his flirty artisty butt in my pocket and keep him forever.I really really think you should give this one a chance, you won’t be sorry!Full Review:

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