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The Sky Is Everywhere

The Sky is Everywhere - Jandy Nelson The Sky Is Everywhere was one of the first books I read in 2011, and still to this day, it’s stayed with me. Every time someone asks me for a recommendation, it’s the first one I mention. I really want everyone to love this book just as much as I did, and luckily everyone who has taken my rec hasn’t come back disappointed!The summary up above pretty much explains it all. Lennie is facing the aftermath of her sister’s death and learning how to cope with a life that Bailey no longer exists in.Mixed up in that are Toby and Joe, the two boys who have grabbed her attention. There are a few problems though:Toby was Bailey’s boyfriend. But, he might be the only one who comprehends what she’s going through. These two seek each other out for comfort – no matter how damaging or wrong it may be, for them, it seems like the only thing that fixes the pain.”I just want to be near you,” he whispers. “It’s the only time I don’t die missing her.”And then there’s Joe… Sweet, sweet –bat, bat, bat’ing – Joe Fontaine. Who totes his guitar everywhere and has a habit of showing up without being invited. He inserts himself pretty easily into Lennie and her family’s life (whether she likes it or not).”Good.” He brushes his thumb on my cheek, and again his tenderness startles me. “Because I’m going crazy, Lennie.” Bat. Bat. Bat. And just like that, I’m going crazy too because I’m thinking Joe Fontaine is about to kiss me. Finally.Forget the convent.Let’s get this out of the way: My previously nonexistent floozy-factor is blowing right off the charts.“I didn’t know you knew my name,” I say.“So much you don’t know about me, Lennie.”In between juggling these two boys, Lennie’s learning a lot. About life, love and moving forward; existing as her own person instead of just Bailey’s little sister. She makes mistakes and she hurts people – including herself. But I never found it silly or contrived. It felt real.In my opinion, Jandy did an amazing job capturing the grief and heartbreak that comes from losing someone close to you. She demonstrated how difficult it is to move forward without them and realize that it’s okay to still be happy in your life, even if they can’t.I really loved every one of these characters – and every second of this book. And if you only have time to pick up one book this year, I still say make it this one.Full review:

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