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Wildefire - Karsten Knight So... this one started a little slow for me. I was really excited for it, since I've been reading so many books about mythology and haven't been disappointed yet. And I will admit that Karsten (I had no idea he was a dude, btw) did a good job of pulling me in after about 180 pages. I really enjoyed Ash's sarcastic attitude and in some points I was literally cackling with laughter. Everything was going really well for me and I thoroughly enjoyed her and Colt's relationship (though it's not nearly as prominent in the book as it was in the summary) but I have to say this about the last scene:WTF KARSTEN?I mean here we were just starting to get along and you had to go and do that to me? Some authors who leave cliffhangers inspire me to want the next book so badly it hurts. But, some authors who leave cliffhangers make me just angry enough to never read one of their books again. I haven't quite decided yet which one you've ended up as... ;)

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