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Going Too Far

Going Too Far - Jennifer Echols This may come as a shock to some of you – but I might have a thing for sexy cops. MAYBE. Probably. Okay, definitely. So it’s really not surprising why I picked this book… nor should it surprise you why I fell in love with it. Because Officer After? Nomz.But it wasn’t just him I liked. This one (for me) had a good story as well as a protagonist I found it easy to identify with. More often than not, I side heavily with females that have a little bit of attitude (because I may or may not have a little bit of an attitude too, shush) on the outside and a whole lot of vulnerability on the inside. In that respect, Meg was perfect. She’s young and has little regard for much of anything but herself. Her only goal is to get out of the Podunk town she was born in and make something better out of her life.Whereas her counterpart, John, has no plans to leave. At only nineteen, he’s already decided that this is where he belongs. I wish I could tell you why…but that would completely ruin the book for you.I will say this though:After Meg and her friends are busted being somewhere they shouldn’t be, these two characters get a chance to get to know one another. To kind of see how the other side lives.And what stems from that is lovely. Echols’ has an amazing ability to suck you in and make you fall in love with her characters and their story, these two are no different. So if you’re looking for something with a simple plot, great characters and a good love story – you should check this one out!I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes with you:Trust me, when you read this scene, it will all make sense… *swoonysigh*He looked over at me. “Indigo,” he said. “Cyan”. He glanced at the road in front of him, glanced at me. He reached over and ran his fingers down one of the darkest strands in the back, where I’d used a little purple. “Violet.”And a little bit of Meg’s inner thoughts that made me giggle:My knee radiated heat. As I watched him pull himself from the car and walk casually across the brightly lit parking lot, I thought dumb things. I will never wash my knee again. I will never wash these jeans again. I will cut the knee out of these jeans and sew a pillow to sleep on every night, just to have a molecule of him in my bed with me.Full Review:

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