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Unbound: (InterMix)

Unbound - Cara McKenna Merry's lived her entire adult life as the fat girl; up until a year ago when she started taking control of her eating. Now that she's down a hundred pounds, she's celebrating with a trip to Scotland where she plans to hike her way across the country and finish in the town where her now dead mother grew up.Unfortunately (or fortunately, maybe) for her, after about two weeks hiking, she's suddenly stricken with a bout of illness that lands her stranded and seeking help from the only possible option. A small cottage in the hills.Inside that cottage lives Rob, a reclusive man who's abandoned everything in his life to live simply. Away from everyone, just the way he likes it. And when Merry knocks on his door bloodied and ill, not even he can turn her away.What begins as one frightened, lonely man helping out a girl who's only just recently discovered that she's more than just what she looks like on the outside, quickly becomes more when secrets are revealed (and obviously, clothes are taken off). This is Cara McKenna, ya'll.Honestly, this wasn't what I expected at all. You know my bad habit of neglecting summaries and instead going: ooh, hot man on the cover, MUST READ. So yeah. I was surprised. I've read quite a few of Cara's books, and I found this one to be quite a bit different. Not bad different, just...not what I expected. Because instead of a dominant man, she gave us a dominant woman. Which I liked, but I had a little trouble dealing with a man who doesn't take what he wants. I like strong men. But Rob definitely got me. That is after I forced myself to stop picturing him like this...And started picturing him a little more like this:During the first 25% or so, I was a tiny bit bored because, like I said, this is Cara...and I was waiting for something to happen. And waiting, and waiting... But now that it's over I'll say that the anticipation was a good thing, because it made the actual *ahem* acts that much better once it finally did come (lol). So if you're like me, DON'T GIVE UP. Just hang in there. It's worth the wait. This book totally got me in the feels like you wouldn't believe, because there's just so much each of these characters is dealing with, and when they're's sweet and hot and yeah, I really just loved it. And the end. There was no epilogue which you know I'm fond of, but I still finished this with a huge smile and the hope that maybe, someday, Cara will give us a little peek into more of their life in the future. ;)

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