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Beyond Pain (Beyond, Book Three)

Beyond Pain - Kit Rocha In case you don't remember my reaction to the first book in this series, it was a little like this:Though I, um, enjoyed Beyond Shame very thoroughly, I wasn't completely sold on the world I was reading about back then, but I definitely dug the dystopian theme, and the tenacity of these authors to do it with erotica. It's something different and most definitely edgy. Freshness in books is sometimes a huge problem...because I feel like I read the same things over and over. And even though I still get a little confused on all the world specifics, I'm definitely hooked on these characters' lives now. Obviously I liked the heck out of Dallas and Lex's book, too, but I have to say that so far, this one's been my favorite out of the three.Because it had my two favorite things: a badass chick, and a super delicious guy who made me swoon. Among other things. ;) And yes, I know Lex and Dallas qualify for the same titles...but there was just something about these two being so broken and tentative that made it all the more sweet. A little taste?"Take it deep, baby. So fucking deep."*ahem* So, back to the book...Six and Bren have been shadows in the previous two books, but here we get to see them up close and very personal as they travel down the relationship road and find out whether they're meant to be together or not. While also discovering a little--or a lot--of themselves. I'm not going to spoil you on any of that, you'll have to read to find out...but let's just say it was a nice road to travel (mostly). Along the way was some fighting, some fucking, some kissing, a little angst...some tattooing, a little BDSM, exhibitionism at its finest...and oh yeah, Ace. Still my favorite guy and I am so freaking pumped for the next book I can't even tell you how bad I want to read it right the hell now. I will probably die a million deaths...and as usual, the chicks who make up the duo of Kit Rocha will make it totally worth it.** Copy of this book provided by the authors in exchange for an honest review.

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