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Near & Far: 2 (Lost & Found)

Near and Far - Nicole  Williams I actually enjoyed the first book in this series, Lost & Found, mostly because: Jesse. Which is rare for me. It was predictable, and cliche. But at least it wasn't riddled with errors and mistakes like most New Adult books, for which I was thankful.But let's get back to Jessee, okay? In the first book, he was sweet, swoony...and come on, hot cowboy? Yes, please. I mean...Besides that epic cliffhanger (grr), I still would have picked up the second book no matter what for the promise of more Jesse, because Rowen was the big thing that killed the first book for me. I thought she was way over dramatic and whiny. But I have to say that in this one, Jesse was the one who bugged me the most. And I wasn't expecting that at all. The entire thing kind of felt like 250 pages of unnecessary everything. Really. I read romance to get to the actual romance part, not to read 225 pages of angst/drama/bullshit and only 20 pages of stuff I actually care about. Which is what I feel like I just suffered through.Both characters claimed to be so in love after all their previous hiccups the previous summer, yet neither was being honest. All for the sake of protecting the other. Which we all know means protecting themselves. I am so not a fan of that. Add in the drama of a dude who wants Rowen, a girl who wants Jesse, Jesse's past and it just fell short. I was looking for less angst and more sweet. I was looking forward to actually liking Rowen, which I'll admit--she wasn't nearly as annoying this time around, but really, there's not much I can say that I didn't dislike except for maybe the return of the Walker family. Oh, and Garth and Josie (when are those two going to admit they love each other already?) and the additions of Alex (she was amazing) and Sid. So overall, I'd say if you're going to read this series: stick with book one and don't continue. Just write your own epilogue, because this one was 250+ pages of the most dramatic, drawn out epilogue I've ever read.

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