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Lover Undercover: Love Undercover (Entangled: Brazen)

Lover Undercover - Samanthe Beck 3.5 StarsI really, really enjoyed this! Samanthe Beck is quickly becoming an author I'll always hurry to read. She creates such great characters, and neither this, nor Private Practice has disappointed me in the likability department.Here we meet Kylie, whose sister, Stacy, breaks her leg after an altercation at work. In an effort to keep a roof over their heads, Kylie agrees to pose as her twin at work for the next two months. The problem is... Stacy's a stripper.And Kylie's not her sassy sister.On her first night at Deuces, Kylie meets Detective Trevor McCade. The chemistry between these two is instant, and it didn't feel forced or cheap or cliched to me at all (as sometimes happens in these books for me). It felt right, and man, once he started getting those private dances, I was all aflutter. These two were yummy together from beginning to end, even when Kylie made some stupid decisions, I was glad Trevor stuck with her and understood why she did what she did.I'm getting ahead of myself, though I guess that's a good thing, otherwise I'd be spilling all the things. Just know that Kylie's got a dilemma on her hands when, after her first night at the club, she discovers a dead body outside that links back to...guess who? Her sister. Pretty soon, not only is she caught up in Detective McCade, but also in his murder investigation. And yeah, did I mention those private dances? I think my favorite one was that last one, though. ;)Although the plot was a teensy bit predictable, I definitely recommend giving this one a shot if you're in the mood for some smutty goodness with a side of Hot Detective.Full review:

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