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Against the Wall (Maverick Montana, #1)

Against the Wall (Maverick Montana, #1) - Rebecca Zanetti Sophie's the big city girl who's come to small town Maverick, Montana to support her design for a golf course. The only problem is that the nearby Kooskia Tribe opposes the construction. Sophie’s hoping she can persuade not just the tribe, but the county as well to approve her clients’ construction plans—if for nothing else, to save her uncle’s failing company.On her first day in town, she is—quite literally—swept off her feet by a hot cowboy on horseback, only to find out he’s Jake Lodge. The tribe’s lawyer…and one of her biggest oppositions.”I thought I was meeting with a tribal elder today.”“You will. But the chief wanted me to explain our legal position to you first.”“You don’t look like a lawyer.” She said what she’d been thinking for the last hour.“Good.” Jake grinned an even row of white teeth. “I’d rather you didn’t see me as a lawyer.”“What do you want me to see you as?” Good god, she was flirting with the man.The grin narrowed, and his dark gaze roamed across her rapidly warming face. “Hopefully someone you’d like to get to know better while you’re in town, City Girl.”As you can see, Jake and Sophie have some killer chemistry, and with Jake’s family and their meddling, these two get pushed together and of course, sparks fly…Of all the Brazen titles I’ve read recently, this one might just be my favorite. While the smut left something to be desired (though it was hot), the plot—I felt—was worth the mediocre sexy times. Not only that, but my problem with many of these titles has been that I just didn’t believe in the romance, and this one, I believed in. I was pulling for these two and hoping for them to be together in the end. And I will most definitely be on the lookout for some Lodge sibling books in the future!Full review:

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