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Forbidden (Definitions)

Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma I've been sitting on this review for several weeks, trying to figure out the best way to even talk about this book. I'm still not sure how to start this other than to say that early on, I almost stopped reading -- but I'm (sorta?) glad that I didn't. You've read the summary--you have, right?--so you should understand that this isn't your typical love story. The title alone describes it perfectly. What these characters share is Forbidden.After their father abandons the family and their mother turns to alcohol (and a younger man), the two main characters, Lochan and Maya (ages 17 and 16 respectively) are forced to take on the responsibilities of not only going to school, but caring for, feeding and looking after their three younger siblings, Kit, Tiffin and the youngest, Willa. In the midst of that, these two come to a realization that they're not just brother and sister, they're soulmates.The relationship these two share is, simply put, tragic. They aren't supposed to love each other like they do, but I have to admit: I wanted them together. They had me thinking and pondering about things like reincarnation. About whether or not two lovers from a previous life would be cursed badly enough to come back as brother and sister. If that were to happen, how would you fight something that's destined? How do you stay away from the one person who makes your half feel whole again? It's impossible.This book is one that has and will stay with me for a while. If it did anything, it really made me think. The subject matter is taboo, and it's something that people in our society pretend doesn't exist, but I imagine there might be other instances of Lochan and Maya's story out there somewhere that aren't in the pages of a book, and I think it was brave of Suzuma to give us a look at the other side of what we normally would consider madness.Full Review:

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