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The Bet

The Bet - Rachel Van Dyken This one's getting three of my stars because of two things. The first? Travis. The second? Grandma Nadine.Kacey's known the Titus boys since she was just a little girl, back before everything in her life fell apart. She's almost a college graduate now, and being on her own makes money tight. So when one of them comes back into her life--the same one who was her childhood best friend, and first everything--and offers to pay off her student loans in exchange for one weekend where she poses as his fiance in front of his family, she can't say no.What she doesn't realize at the time is that saying yes to Jake brings her back into a life she thought she'd lost. Going home with Jake puts her back in her hometown, surrounded by the family she grew up with.And his older brother--who she's never gotten along with: Travis.OH, TRAVIS. The older of the Titus brothers. He's been harboring a crush on Kacey since they were kids. The problem is, he was never the smooth-talker his brother had always been. So of course Jake ended up with the girl he wanted most. But things just might be about to change... When Kacey and Travis are forced together after Jake takes off to "work" Kacey begin to realize--after a little wine--that maybe she doesn't hate Travis after all.This book had editing issues and typos, but I loved the characters and the story. Grandma Nadine was off-the-charts hilarious with her antics, and Travis was just...GAH. Every woman wants a man who pines for her the way he did Kacey. He had my heart pitter-patting all over the place. I loved him. So yeah, he totally made the book worth it. If you're willing to overlook a clunky beginning and less than stellar editing for some sweet love--give this one a shot.

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