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Sometimes Never

Sometimes Never - Cheryl McIntyre I don't want to say that every New Adult book I read is the same, but almost every New Adult book I read is the same. It's becoming really, really tiresome. This is a great genre--one that could have my full attention--if they all didn't seem to be a carbon copy of the last. Including the horrible editing issues!In Sometimes Never, we meet high schoolers, Mason and Hope. Mason's father has been dead for six years, and Hope's mom died in a car accident a few years ago. He's new in town (something we don't really know until we figure it out for ourselves after a bit). Oh, and Mason's angry--another fact about him which we don't discover until about halfway through the book. And Hope, she's a piece of a work. She's a commitment phobic cutter who's been sexually molested in her past and doesn't trust anyone. But of course, when Mason and Hope meet all of their problems disappear in the wake of the little hearts floating above their heads because they're immediately in lurve. Like, after a week. Not saying it can't happen, but make me feel it! Drama happens, more drama happens, their relationship is threatened...someone almost dies, and then Mason turns into a big fat liar, but it's all good because they're in lurve, remember?Sound familiar? Probably because like I said before, this is just another variation of nearly every other new adult book out there right now. Nothing felt genuine. It felt cliched, overdone and eye-roll worthy. Near the end, it got to a point where I was skimming because I honestly just wanted to be finished with it. There was nothing spectacular about anything in this book, or these characters that sets it apart from any other NA book out there, which is why it only earned one star from me.

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