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Taken - A day after finishing, I'm still not entirely sure if I liked this book or if I didn't like it. It was...different. An interesting idea, though, quite unbelievable in that I didn't feel like it could ever happen. That's the thing about dystopian novels, for me at least--the fact that they're scary--because I sit there thinking while I'm reading: holy crap, this could actually happen. But I never once thought that here. I just couldn't picture in my head, and what I could picture was completely predictable (when I really just wanted to be intrigued), which is perhaps why my feelings on this one are a bit mixed.Not only that, but I felt like the characters were just so-so. I didn't really find myself invested in any of them. In the beginning, I really liked Gray, and I was excited about this being from a male's POV (you have met me, right?), but he disappointed me within the first few pages by punching a girl in the face. I was mostly willing to let that go, but my disappointment with him returned near the end when he did something completely childish and so totally annoying that I really, really just wanted Emma to find someone worthy of her affection rather than wasting her time on him. That's sad for me, because I always want a character to be redeemable, but sadly, in this case, I don't think Gray is. Which kind of makes the continuation of the series impossible for me... Who knows, I may or may not pick up the second book just to see where it goes or if any of the ideas for this "world" improve, but my expectations aren't very high.

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