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Not a Drop to Drink

Not a Drop to Drink - Mindy McGinnis "Do you want to die like this?" Mother had asked, that night and every night since then.Lynn's answer never changed. "No."And Mother's response, their evening prayer. "Then you will have to kill."For Lynn, all she's ever known is her Mother and their combined need to protect what's theirs. Mainly: the pond. Because unlike in our world, for Lynn, water doesn't run from faucets or rest in swimming pools. It's the highest commodity there is. Something precious, and to her and her mother, worth killing to protect. With that in mind, Lynn's been raised to trust no one, and that's been working just fine for her. She and her mother have a good system. They work as a team to make their house a home, have clean water to drink and food in their bellies. When threats come, as the summary says, they either leave thirsty...or they don't leave at all.That is, until a tragic accident takes Mother and leaves Lynn to protect the pond, her land and the house she was raised in from being taken all on her own.At its heart, Not a Drop to Drink is very much a coming of age story. It's the blossoming of a young girl who's been so sheltered, she's even threatened by her only neighbor. At first. She soon learns that Stebbs wouldn't hurt a fly, much less her. She also learns that Stebbs isn't the only person she can trust, and that sometimes life has to be about more than just keeping people away. Sometimes you have to let them in.Mindy McGinnis' writing style is simple. Her story isn't overrun with unnecessary details. And it's told in a way that makes sense to Lynn's life, to her character. Details, emotions, pretty much everything is revealed to the reader as it's revealed to her. Which, at first, I questioned. One of my status updates was about that, because I was like, 'okay why don't I know why there's no water?' but as I continued to read, everything made sense. And not only did I fall in love with the story, I also fell in love with every one the main characters. Especially Lynn. She was a badass chick. No fear, no bullshit and fiercely protective of what she considered hers. Which grew to include more than just her land and her pond. I adored Stebbs for his easy way with her--with everyone, really. For how he could have been like Lynn's mother, but never was. He was giving and sweet and more of a father than Lynn's own could have ever been to her. And I don't think this story could have been what it was without Lucy's innocence and feisty attitude to show Lynn that not everything was about work all the time. Oh, and I can't forget Eli. Sweet, sweet Eli. The somewhat shy flirt with the gorgeous voice. He had my heart in his pocket pretty much from the very first time Lynn saw him. There was also Neva and her mom, and Mother, too. I really did just like them all so, so much. They were all equally important to Lynn's growth and made this book so full of emotion and just...I don't have the words!!And even though I looked like this at the end:It was still an amazing story that I'm so sad is over now. There was action, killing, laughs, smiles, swoons, sweet love, anger and obviously, a few tears. But it was worth every second. And you all know I normally wish for epilogues, and in this one, I got my wish...but I didn't want it! I wanted more story and more Lynn and Lucy and Neva and Stebbs and *sob* Eli. MORE ELI, OKAY? But McGinnis didn't take the easy route here; she told a story rife with realness and the hardest lesson we all have to learn: life just isn't perfect all the time. Not even in books.I can't not say this, because if you go into this one looking for romance, you will be disappointed. Yes, it's there. But that is not what this book is about. And in the end, the romance itself...does not end well. But the book does. Let's just put it that way, okay? If you want to know the details, PM me, tweet me, something...and I'll be happy to tell you if you really want the info, but otherwise I'll say this: JUST GO READ IT.** ARC provided via Edelweiss by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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