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Forgotten Sins

Forgotten Sins - Rebecca Zanetti I was really excited to read this one! I ended up really enjoying one of Zanetti's previous works, so I was hoping I'd enjoy this one as well. And don't get me wrong, even at only two stars, I still enjoyed it. I just didn't love it. I was underwhelmed. This one's less romance and more action, which was fine because in this case, I was more interested in finding out Shane's back story than caring if he and Josie ever resolved their issues. But this is a romance novel...and I expect the romance and the action to wow me, and that just didn't happen for me. Mostly because of the situation these characters are in.Josie Dean married a man she'd only known for three weeks--over two years ago. After only two months, he disappeared without a word. Now she's finally decided to move on with her life; to divorce the man who walked away from her after knowing what a hard life she had as a foster child. She's seeing someone new--Tom--and then she gets a phone call. Suddenly her estranged husband, Shane, is back in her life.And after being attacked, he doesn't remember a thing.First of all, I was like oh-helllll-no on Josie's behalf. I would have kneed him in the junk and walked away, memory loss or not. Maybe that makes me cold, but seriously, if dude wants to walk away so he can protect me--without a word--he deserves to live his days out alone. For one brief time, I thought Josie agreed with me, but then she waffled and caved in the end. Which to me, made her seem like a bit of a doormat. She was a waffler, and I like more confident women...not just those who try to appear that way by doing incredibly dumb stuff. Behind all that conflict there's some more surrounding Shane and his upbringing. It's kind of a romance-x-men-avengers-military mash-up going on in this book and while the story was interesting, the romance lacked the necessary steam to keep me satisfied. I'm hoping Matt's book will provide something a little better.

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