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Archer (A Hard Body Novel)

Archer - Debra Kayn Sigh. This book… To be completely honest, I’m not sure if I liked it. The whole bad-boy gone good, mustang driving hottie thing was definitely nice, but there were lots of things that weren't.Janie’s been trapped in an abusive relationship for the past four years. Now she’s decided she can’t take it anymore and returned home where her brother, Garrett, and three others are (of course) Private Investigators who can protect her. One of those men happens to be Kage Archer. Her childhood crush, and her brothers’ best friend. Who, I guess, has been in love with Jane for a long time. Which is fine, because she loves him, too.Sounds like an okay beginning, even with the whole setup that her brother’s a PI, right? Friends to lovers—-MY FAVORITE. But sadly, the pacing/believability were completely off from that point on. I mean come on, what woman is going to spread her legs for a new guy—even one she’s known her whole life—after what she’s supposedly been through? Besides a heroine in a meh-worthy romance novel? It was a little shocking, and the fact that Jane couldn’t make up her mind about anything, and was constantly trying to “protect” everyone from herself was annoying.And Kage, while I wanted to love him for being sweet—and for that car—I just didn’t. I’ve never been abused physically, but if I was, I imagine I wouldn’t want a dude manhandling me left and right, and I imagine I’d want my independence. He didn’t give Jane any of that. He was pushy and a little overbearingly sweet, to the point that I wasn’t really a fan. And the fact that he slept with her so quickly kind of turned me off. Homegirl needs some time to adjust to what she’s been through. Not only that, but there were other things he did (restraining her, being dominant) that bothered me.I don’t know, perhaps I’m reading too much into it, but yeah I wasn't a fan of this one. Those who don’t really care about anything but sex will love it, though. If you’re sensitive regarding abuse, I’d recommend staying away from this one.

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