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Faking Normal

Faking Normal - Courtney C. Stevens This review won’t even come close to doing my love for this book justice. I’ve seriously been trying to write it for a week and a half, and nothing I type seems to convey just how good I thought Faking Normal was. But I’m going to try (without too many spoilers).Alexi has a secret. One that’s killing her on the inside. And Bodee's biggest one has just been revealed to the world. He’s the outcast—the Kool-Aid kid—who needed a friend at his lowest moment, and now, after Alexi is the one who’s stepped up, he’s offering her the same kind of help.When I opened this book to the first page, I can’t say I was expecting to find one of my favorites of this year, but that’s exactly what happened. I fell head first into Stevens’ pretty words and enjoyed the entire tumble into a heartbreakingly real and emotional journey of a young girl who’s been a victim and doesn’t know how to bounce back.One who isn’t sure she can bounce back.Alexi’s story is one you’ve probably heard before. It’s one you’ve probably read hundreds of times. It could even be one you’ve lived through. And in my opinion, Stevens does an amazing job of telling a tale about a topic that, in some cases, can be trivialized or glamorized in ways that make it easy to understand why some women keep quiet and blame themselves for something they had no real ability to prevent.If only every girl who’s ever been a victim had a Bodee Lennox by their side to push them to face their fears and admit the truth to themselves. A gentle man with a loving heart, quiet presence, and the ability to do nothing more than be there while they fight a battle with themselves about what’s right and wrong.And most importantly: who’s at fault.So pardon me while I flail a little more. But really, I not only fell in love with Stevens’ writing, but I also loved these characters. I identified with Alexi immediately. And I wanted to squish Bodee into my pocket and make him cookies and buy him Kool-Aid and khakis. I even loved Heather, even though she was a little pushy. And Liz and Collie. Kind of wanted to punch Kayla in the face, though. Oh, and I especially loved Captain Lyric. Seriously, I can’t say enough how much this book affected me. There were smiles, tears, a laugh or two, some frustration, lots of swoons, fist pumps and an ending that felt right. All the things I look for in a great book. All things that will earn five stars from me.So, Courtney, what are you writing for us next? *fights to be first in line*

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